CRN Xcellence Awards 2014
CRN Xcellence Awards 2014
Download CLS BrochureThe benchmark for business leadership and excellence in Indian IT channels. The core objective behind CRN Xcellence Awards is to recognize companies and individuals in the IT channels who have excelled in their businesses by adopting best practices and applying sound business acumen, and to thus create role models that inspire a whole new generation of business leaders.

What sets CRN Channel Xcellence Awards apart from the several other channel awards, is the fact that they lay focus not just on the size of the company, but also aspects that are integral to making a company a true leader:

  • Quality of turnover growth and profitability
  • Product and solutions mix
  • Quality of HR
  • Best business practices
  • Marketing & sales innovations
  • Customer responsiveness
  • Future growth strategies

Award Categories

Most of the awards are given by region while some of them are given away as a national category. There are close to
35 awards regional and national categories under CRN Xcellence Awards 2014, which will include:

  • Systems Integrator
  • Solutions Provider-Security
  • Solutions Provider-Software
  • Solutions Provider-Networking
  • Solutions Provider-Server & Storage
  • Enterprise VAR
  • Managed Service Provider
  • Cloud Service Provider
  • Sub-distributor
  • Retailer
  • System Builder
  • Company Of The Year
  • Outstanding Channel Contribution: Given to a veteran channel leader who has contributed immensely in shaping the Indian IT channels.

How to Apply

Those interested in participating in the Awards may download and fill the requisite application forms.
You can nominate your company for multiple awards categories:

  • If you are Sub-distributor/Regional distributor with a strong Retail business as well, you can fill up both the forms (Sub-distributor and Retailer) separately highlighting the performance and success in each business segments.
  • For Solutions Providers/Systems Integrators/Corporate Reseller/ Network Integrator/ Security Provider/ Software Provider there is a single form, however in case a partner organization wishes to nominate his/her company for more than one category, for example Security and Software, the partner should download the same form again and fill up two separate forms highlighting the performance and success in Security and Software solutions business, respectively.

Note: We recommend that you send the filled nomination form by email in PDF or Doc format. Please don’t send scanned image copies of the hand-written forms or courier hand-written forms. The CEO-signed page should be scanned and emailed along with the PDF or Word Document.

Download the nomination forms most relevant for your company:

Sub – Distributors

Email the complete form to

Selection Process

Received entries will be evaluated by the CRN Editorial Team based on weighted parameters using the percentile method to arrive at top 3 nominees in each award category and its sub-categories.

The final three entries will be referred to a Jury Panel that will consist of eminent people from the IT channel industry. The Jury Panel will select the winner after analyzing and evaluating the nominees.

Jury Panel for 2014

Note: All the final nominees (top 3 in each of the enterprise VAR award categories) will automatically become eligible as delegates for CRN Leadership Summit 2014 being held from August 21 – 23rd, 2014 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai; while those in the sub-distribution and retail categories will become eligible for CRN Distribution and Retail Summit 2014

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CRN Xcellence Awards 2014
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